Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Gifts

I really, really, really, want to show y'all our professional wedding pictures, but we have some family that still has not seen them all, and I want them to see our photos before I share them with y'all!!

So today for Wedding Wednesday, I bring you the gifts, not what we received, but what we gave to the amazing people who agreed to be part of our big day and helped so much with making our big day perfect!

First, how I asked my girls to be my bridesmaids/maid of honor/junior bridesmaid:

 I gave each girl a mini Lilly Pulitzer planned with a hand written note asking if they would be my bridesmaids.  In each planner, I wrote in our wedding date, as well as everyone's birthdays!!  I searched high and low to find the perfect way to ask my girls, after debating for what seemed like months, I finally settled on this idea.
This was perfect for me, because I am obsessed with my lilly planner (I used the jumbo one as my wedding book) and I wanted to give them something that they could actually use!!
And for Miss AG, I gave her a set of Lilly Pulitzer paper dolls!

Matt was not as creative, he gave each one of his guys a call asking them to be in the wedding, I was really funny to hear the different ways he asked his guys!!
Some were really funny, and some were more serious!

Next, shower hostess gifts:

I gave each of girl a pashmina with a hand written "thank you" attached.  I did not think of this, but some of them brought their pashmina with them on the wedding day incase it was chilly that night!!  I knew it was a good idea to pick colors that were included in the flowers and decorations!! 

Now, bridal party gifts:
For our bridal party gifts, we wanted to give them something that they would be able to use and remember our wedding!!  Matt went more practical and I went more personal.
I gave all my girls monogram necklaces from Elizajay Charm.  Instead of debating over what colors to get for each girl, I decided to give them all the same color, ivory.  I also made each girl 4 hair ties.
Like a dummy, I forgot to take pictures of their gifts, so I made my sister put hers back together for me!!  The only thing that is different is that the green hair tie should be pink, but I think all get the point!! 

Matt gave his guys their wedding tie and socks.  This is Matt's tie, but their ties were exactly the same print, just in navy blue.  The socks can obviously be worn again, but the tie too can be used again!  I think navy is basically a neutral color and can be worn with so many other shirts/suits!!  
He also iced them too!!  This was really funny, and it came back to bite Matt in the butt at the reception!! (more on the later!!)
Oh goodness, I still cannot get over how adorable they were!!
For the ring bearers, we gave them a chevron bow tie and navy suspenders set, along with some toy trucks and sports balls.  

I wanted to give my parents and Matt's mom something super special, so when I found this necklace from Five Little Owls, I knew it was perfect to give to Matt's mom. 
READY TO SHIP -Hand-Stamped Mother-in-law Gift Necklace -Thank You For Raising the Man of My Dreams

For my parents, I had many different ideas, but I finally settled on these handkerchiefs from Embroidery by Lina.  She was fantastic to work with, and she allowed me to tell her exactly what I wanted each one to say!  When I gave them to my mom and dad I had to walk away fast because I knew I would have cried, which I did anyway!!!

 Matt and I decided to not exchange gifts the day of the wedding, but I did make him a cake!!
This is the "beer cake" that I sent over to him while they were all getting ready!!  It was so easy and quick to make, and apparently a big hit with the guys!!

And there you have the wedding gifts!!!
I hope I gave y'all so good ideas!!



Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Friday!!

Good Morning y'all!!  
I am pretty sure this is the earliest I have ever even thought about writing a post, but I have some exciting news this morning!!

We have a winner for the giveaway I hosted with Sassy Grits Boutique!!!

Without further ado, the winner is...

Miss Ashley Lee!!!

This is really exciting because I know her!!!
She is one of my amazing sorority sisters and she is my fittle (fake little), long story maybe I will tell you about it later!!

So, CONGRATS fittle!!!  I hope you enjoy your new bracelet!!
love you!!

I hope everyone had a great friday and weekend!!!



Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Well, I had a great "Wedding Wednesday" post for y'all, but like a dummy, I forgot to upload all of the pictures and lets face it, a post is always better with pictures!!

Today, I am going to do what I should have done Monday, and tell y'all what we did this weekend and remind y'all to enter the giveaway!!!

One thing about the giveaway, I thought I had it set to end Thursday night, but it was really set to end tonight!!  After figuring out how to fix it, I did and you now have until Thursday night to enter!!!

Now back to this past weekend!!
Friday, we had dinner with family and friends, and after dinner Matt put these two cuties in a grocery cart and run up and down the sidewalk.  I am not sure who had more fun, the boys or Matt!!  
Oh... the ways you have fun in a small town!!
 It poured all day Friday!!  And when the boys were finished racing around in the grocery cart, L played in the mud puddles at his house!

Saturday, after attending a baby shower for a co-worker, I was finally pool time!!
The water was a little chilly, but it was nice to cool off after sweating in the sun!!
L had a blast in the water and loved to squirt everyone with his water gun!!

This was use before he had to go eat dinner!!
I am obsessed with those sunglasses!! I got them from Target and have worn them everyday since!!!
Saturday night we celebrated a friend's birthday!!  
I do not have any pictures from that night, but I am OK with that because I am sure they would all be to ridiculous to post!!!
All day Sunday Matt kept saying we went back to college because we did not get home until 5 am!!!

Sunday, we relaxed/recovered and celebrated another birthday, but the kind of party where you eat everything because it was all home made and delicious, not the kind you drink everything in sight :)

You now have until Thursday night!!!
Also, do not forget to use the code SOUTHERNBELLE at checkout to get 15% off the entire site!! 
DO IT NOW!!!!!
and... I am not sure how to add the giveaway to the bottom of this post, so here is the link!!



Thursday, June 6, 2013

Five on Friday: My FIRST Giveaway!!

Hey y'all, I am so excited to be linking up again this friday, as well as hosting my first GIVEAWAY, with Sassy Grits Boutique, more on that in a few!!

Words cannot express how excited I am that there are only 8 days left in the school year!!!!  I am so excited for this summer and cannot wait to see what I have in store for me next school year!!!

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I was finally going to start decorating our house. Well this is how far we have come!!

 I am obsessed with this navy monogram from a friend and our invitation framed from one of my sorority sisters!!

It is always great to have fresh flowers from your big sister's wedding :)

Since we have finally found a weekend with no parties, showers or weddings, I am so ready for some pool time with the family this weekend!!  I am ready to finally have a real tan, instead of spray tans!!!

Earlier this week I was contacted by Sam from Sassy Grits Boutique to see if I was interested in hosting a giveaway with her, of course I said YES, even before looking at her site!! But that was not a problem, because 3 seconds after she asked, I looked at her site and fell in love with practically the entire site!!
She has some of the best priced jewelry and dresses I have seen!!
Not only is she hosting this giveaway with me, she is also offering 15% off site wide with the code: SOUTHERNBELLE

Here are some of my favorites from her site!!

Love pendant necklace
I am in LOVE with the love necklace!!
Envelope Purse
and... she MONOGRAMS!!!

Now that I told you about this fabulous boutique... lets get to the good stuff!!
 You can Enter to win an acrylic monogrammed bracelet!!!
You can pick your own monogram style, color and choice of chain!!
I know many of y'all have monogrammed necklaces, now you could win a bracelet to match!!!

Monogrammed Acrylic Bracelet



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: My Bachelorette Parties!!

Well... it is that time of the week again!!

I am really anxious to start showing y'all the professional pictures, but I want to make sure I get to show everything that happened leading up to our big day!!

This week I am excited to show y'all my fantastic bachelorette parties!!

My sorority sisters held party number 1 the same weekend as the shower...

I apologize for the lack of pictures, but by time anyone decided to start snapping, we had already had a few too many, thus resulting in ridiculous pictures that were deleted right away!!

see this horrible picture, this is the only group shot we took the entire night!!

Despite the lack of pictures, I had a blast and I love my sisters for all they did for me that weekend!!!  

My {real} sister, and best friend hosted my second bachelorette party AT THE BEACH!!
It was schedualed the weekend BEFORE the wedding, and I was nevrous about going away that entire weekend, but I am glad we did!  It was a nice get away before all the wedding craziness began!!
 They had gift bags for us when we arrived at the cottage! They had shirts made that said "Last Fling before the Ring" on the back.  We loved them so much that we wore them out to dinner!

Getting ready to leave!

at dinner

this was part of my "to-do" list! 

The next morning we had lunch, went shopping, then of course had more drinks!
I think these were supposed to be out cake toppers!!

This drink was called a Shark Attack.  I was really a kids drink, but I asked the bartender to add cherry vodka to it! The shark was full of grenadine that you poured in to look like blood! 

That night we had dinner at Kelly's and stayed there to listen to a fantastic country band!!

I promise I finished most of my to-do list!! I just wish I had more pictures to show y'all!!



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Megan's Kentucky Derby Bridal Shower

In honor of my big sister getting married this past weekend, I though this would be the perfect time to show y'all her bridal shower!!

It was a Kentucky Derby theme because it was held on the same day as the race!

I knew I wanted it to be held outside, and my Aunt's yard was the perfect spot.  Minus the wind, the day turned out perfectly!

 I kept the food simple with club sandwiches (Megan's favorite), fruit, veggies, and pasta salad

 The drinks may be my favorite part of the entire shower!!  I covered the table with turf and served iced tea, with 3 different simple syrups (regular, peach, and blackberry)
The cocktail was a mint julep sweet tea, and it was delicious!! 
 I made ribbons with their wedding date on them

 close up shot of the mint julep sweet tea
The centerpieces of each table was a different cake

 Each place setting had a bow shaped napkin!

 The pink and green things in the jar were used in one of the shower games we played.  Instead of having to write each guest held up one side or the other depending on the answer to the questions.  The last guest "standing" was the winner!

 close up of the food table

This was my second favorite part, the decorations on the food table.  I used burlap, ribbon, trimmings and horseshoes to add some flair to the front of the table

I had so much fun planning this shower!! 

I cannot believe we both are MARRIED now!!!